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CECNE offers comprehensive educational services to Governments, Organizations, Corporations, School Districts, Community Groups and Schools.

CECNE offers you solutions to plan and manage your educational investments. From comprehensive evaluation, needs analysis and outcome evaluation to project management and training delivery, we are here to ensure that you have an effective, outcome-based education solution — one that is tailor-made for your organization’s specific needs.

Simply, CECNE offers you exactly what you need, a cost-conscious, results-driven education consulting partner with a history of success.

Founded in 1995, CECN is a private company operating with the support of over 290 Canadian educational institutions.  
CECNE has a wealth of experience in delivering education related programs globally. Our educational consulting services are of the highest quality and our reputation confirms our commitment to excellence.

CECNE operates from the Gulf Region and is successfully administering, developing, and/or managing:

  • Over 7500 students and a professional staff of over 170  
  • Innovative summer-abroad enrichment programs in
    different countries for students, employees and administrators
  • Exclusive and pioneering professional development whereby administrators and upper-level management teams participate in certification courses and shadowing programs in the host country. Theoretical and practicum training is emphasized.
  • IT infused curriculum that integrates the use of technology
    into educational programming. 

CECNE provides clients the combined strengths of a recognized international organization with contacts and experience around the world, and an organization that has a thorough understanding of local customs, traditions and methodologies. This combination allows for the development of programs that provide the best the world has to offer, tailor-made for local conditions.

CECNE has the resources and the expertise to recruit highly competent experts/advisors to precisely meet our clients’ requirements. We make certain that our clients’ needs will be met, ensuring their satisfaction and increased productivity.
Our broadly-based network and local partnerships guaranty that our proposals will provide you with the best value for your investment.


CECNE has extensive experience in institutional strengthening, capacity building and infused learning. CECNE’s clients include private organizations, government ministries, departments and agencies. CECNE has established strategic alliances with international institutions and firms in order to provide its clients with a broader range of expertise and services.


  • Program Planning and Curriculum Development
  • Review of existing programs and design of new program structures to ensure that academic offerings appropriately serve the needs of students and the community
  • Preparation of program outlines and course descriptions, including learning objectives, learning resources, teaching aids, course sequence, program pre-requisites and instructional methods
  • Staff planning, training and recruitment
  • Assessment of appropriate numbers and categories of instructional staff based on program requirements
  • Determination of appropriate administrative and
    support staff requirements
  • Outline of options, policies and procedures for 
    the recruitment of staff
  • International and/or local recruitment of all categories of staff, including advertising, application processing, interviewing, assessment, ranking and selection of candidates, reference checking, contract preparation, 
    logistics and orientation of new staff; and
  • Development and delivery of staff training programs
  • Infused Technology Consulting: Needs assessments, strategic planning, design, delivery and implementation of programs for educational institutions and organizations
  • Customized training programs
  • Needs Assessment
  • Completion of needs analyses to determine the specific education/training requirements of an organization
  • Selection of themes for conferences and topics for seminars/presentations including the recruitment of international and local speakers/presenters


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